Hello and welcome to “Call It Mile High”! This is not your average Denver sports record. I’m not here to simply regurgitate the views of Denver Post columnists or ESPN pundits. Rather, I’d like to offer you a fan’s perspective of current topics relating to Denver sports. I was born and raised in Denver, and I’m still quite passionate about Denver’s professional teams. Check back daily for insightful columns, hilarious videos and photos, and new links. Also, I encourage you to leave feedback at the bottom of any of my posts or e-mail me directly at CallItMileHigh@gmail.com. This site is for all of us, so please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to post or chat about. Take it easy, and remember that I’m calling it Mile High and you all should too.


3 responses to “About

  1. Chris Allen

    I really love this site. I like more than the national media “cookie cutter” approach to providing news on my local teams (native).

  2. JM

    I loved this blog…when you still wrote it.

  3. Brett

    Come on Fella’s!!

    I really dig the blog but you haven’t updated it in forever! I come here to catch up on the Nuggets and get a real opinion from some knowledgable fans! What happened? Its been so long I almost forget about you guys! lol

    Much love


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